DASQ Consulting is a UK based company with a focus on creating bottom line improvements for its clients. 


We put emphasis on quality, integrity and innovation resulting from building relationships with clients based on trust and mutual respect. Our collaborative, fresh and determined  approach enables us to provide valuable strategic insights and direction to find the best solutions to even the most complex problems.

We have a tradition of embarking on new paths. Every aspect of our business is based on the perfect balance between our four key principles:

  • Independence
    As management consultants, we ensure the independence of third parties, in particular concerning decisions about suppliers or other client partners.


  • Objectivity
    Our consultancy takes into consideration all opportunities and risks.


  • Expertise
    We only offer consultancy services in areas where we possess or have acquired demonstrable expertise.


  • Confidentiality
    No knowledge or information obtained during the consultancy process is disseminated to third parties.