Organisation Management and Senior Level Recruitment

Are all parts of your organistion performing equally as well?


Many leaders know which way they want to go and what needs to be done. However, deciding about organisational change can be a greater challenge than expected, in particular if the company is in a phase where there is not enough time to focus on all priorities equally.

We at DASQ have years of experience in evaluating teams, identifying training and development requirements and making teams work better. We have also, for some organisations, changed entire sales teams, undertaken the training and development and sat back and watched the growth.


We support companies in: 

  • Making the right decisions within a short timescale
  • Communicating these decisions
  • Convincing colleagues and customers of these decisions
  • Driving the change
  • And finally measuring the impact


Reorganising or restructuring organisations and teams can be very challenging and enduring. We help our clients to keep a clear view and focus to execute the changes to strengthen the overall performance.


Albeit some organisations accomplish what they set out it then needs to be ensured that the entire organisation is aligned to make sure that improvements are sustainable.