Sales & efficiency improvement

Sales and efficiency management at DASQ means that we focus on what really matters for your business - increasing in performance and the financial result, by concentrating and improving those aspects of your business that will drive the greatest benefit.



Companies that achieve a sustainable increase in value do this by: 

  • Sales Growth and having World-Class customer insight
  • High renewal rates and repeat customers
  • Increasing lifetime value of customers
  • Cost optimisation and margin increase
  • Process improvements and time management.


Whether your company is successful or not, a continuous review of your sales processes, bid process, marketing, operational processes and cost structure is essential to improve profitability and keep your business in a market leading position. 


We develop tailored solutions for you to make your processes more efficient and measure the results with regards to your company's Key Performance Indicators.


Many of our clients found achieving their growth targets dificult, but we can show companies how to succeed by measuring and concentrating on the right metrics. Improving your cost base and your efficiency will increase your margins. If you want to become a market leader you need to increase your sales. To do this a company needs to unlock its full potential and take the right decisions at the right time. Our vast experience in B2B and B2C companies and will guide you to the next level.



Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis and optimisation of operational costs
  • Measuring your product cost/cost of service
  • Helping you to define your product mix based on costing
  • New ways of sourcing
  • Defining your targets
  • Analysis and optimisation of your supply chain
  • Finding the right pricing strategy based on costs and market indicators
  • Supporting you with your B2B pitches
  • Investment performance review and result optimisation
  • Measuring the results throughout the process