Turnaround & crisis management

Turnaround management projects encompass many different elements

  • Cash-Management
  • Cost reduction
  • Structural changes
  • Business planning
  • Process management
  • Sourcing
  • Interim Management

The key resource all Senior Managers are looking for in a turnaround project is 'time'.


We know that identifying, structuring, assessing and applying a solution to a problem that can be implemented immediately is one of the core elements of turnaround management. 


We will support you to make sure that your turnaround project will be a success whilst you will still have time to concentrate on running your business. 


Our many years of experience in a wide range of company reorganisations and restructures have equipped us to promptly guide many companies back on the ath of increased profitability.

At DASQ we believe that turnarounds can only be successful if conducted and led by colleagues in the business. Restructuring needs control, planning and buy-in of all colleagues - tasks must be target driven with accountabilities clearly allocated.


Milestones need to be set by the team - monitored, tracked and translated into financial impacts to ensure that the focus remains on improving the bottom line of the business.


For this reason we have developed our 'RESCUE' approach which we use to successfully guide management throughout the process.